Remote Healing


Etheric Healing by Nicole Angelique

Do you need a healing at a deep inner level but do not have a Meridian Energetics® Practitioner in your area?  Perhaps I can assist you from a distance.  

Here's how it works:

1) Please email me at  the reason for requesting a remote healing.

2) If I decide I can do the work then we would require the most RECENT PHOTO possible to assist you with your present situation or request.

3) Payment is necessary before we do the work.  We take visa and mastercard through our online cart.  Paypal is available but for an extra 5%.

4) We charge $150 US for this service which allows us to make an etheric connection with you.  This includes 3 healing sessions which will also be written up in detail about what was done.  You will also receive a vibrational 30ml bottle of your "DIVINE CHANGE WITHIN" Gold Ray Twin Flames Flower Essence created to complete the energy field connection.

5) If you feel comfortable with emailing  your birth date, birth year, birth location and birth year...I use this information to assist me with a deeper more enhanced flower essence.

How does this take place? Open your heart, have faith and allow the free flow connection to take place.

I allow myself to access a transcendental state of consciousness.  I bring in your energy field first and then make the connection with the  etheric body to eliminate, or loosen patterns and vibrations that may be blocking the meridians within the emotional, and mental body that affect the physical body.

etheric healing

What you may feel?

Most people that have asked us to do this type of session have reported shifts of emotional, mental or physical levels of consciousness.  Physical symptoms such as a sore stomach, headache, less fatigue, or feelings of bliss, happiness and a different flow of energy moving through the body are some of the reports that we hear happening.  We have even connected with individuals at a dreamstate level.  So the possibilities are endless.

Please also consider the waves of frequency for some may not be felt.  If you are really sick, are dying please understand we do not profess or claim to be miracle workers.  Therefore when receiving this service be sure you are aware of how the law of energy flows.  You are paying us to do the same physical spiritual work as well as the time  it would take if we had a physical client walking through our door.